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Our Approach

At Jacquelyn Augustine, PsyD & Associates we use evidenced based treatments to help a wide range of individuals heal and overcome what is hurting them and keeping them from the life they really want to live. With a diverse set of clinical experiences we treat those of all ages and with a special focus on first responders in addition to children, adolescents, and adults struggling with a variety of difficulties. Given the unique struggles we are all experiences today due to Covid as well as other environmental and social factors our first responders as well as children and families have been impacted in a intense devastating way. We are passionate about helping because these are the individuals we look to when we need help in our most desperate times of need and now they need support more than ever before. Our specialists here feel strongly about supporting our first responders and place them in the highest regard. We have come from families that are first responders or have been one ourselves and these brave individuals need our support and care.

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